Locals React to N. Korea Nuclear Crisis

(KHNL) - There are about 45,000 Koreans living in Hawai'i. Some of them travel to and from South Korea on a regular basis, either for business or to visit relatives. But regardless of ties to their homeland, local Koreans are unified in their concern about the North Korea situation.

News of the crisis in North Korea has local Koreans focused on their TV sets as they try to find out what's going on thousands of miles away in their native homeland.

"I'm worried about the whole world and what's going to happen," said Mona Kim, Makiki resident. "We're all worried about it. We're all talking about it."

It's a topic that especially touches those who still have relatives in North and South Korea.

"I worry about my own family there," said Lefty Lee, Makiki Resident. "Still, I have a lot of family still there. We have to stop these kinds of things anymore because we don't want any more war on this planet."

But local Korean Americans aren't the only ones concerned. Some local O'ahu residents are worried they live so close to a potential target.

"It bothers me that I'm so close to Pearl Harbor," said Alex Storm, Makiki resident. "If I was on the Big Island, it wouldn't bother me as much because the fallout wouldn't hit there ... probably."

As Washington decides how to handle the North Korea dilemma, people in Hawai'i - like the rest of the world - can only wait and see.

"Right now, I think there's enough to actually worry about than to worry about what might happen couple of years down the road," said Storm.

An unpredictable road that could be bumpy for the unforeseeable future.

People in Hawai'i, like the rest of the international community, appear to be united in their condemnation of North Korea's actions.