Soldier's Wife Determined To Get Documents Back

(KHNL) - Honolulu police told Jynene Redfield that it's not likely she'll get her husband's paperwork back and no arrests have been made yet. She says this is not the news her husband needs from home, when he's off at war.

On Friday, someone broke into Redfield's car at the Mililani Mauka park and ride, and stole the stereo and a black messenger bag in the back.

That bag contained medical records, evaluation reports, and personal files.

"That was his military career in that bag," said Jynene Redfield.

Jynene spoke to her husband that day. He's an army medic headed to Iraq for his second tour of duty. It was the first time she'd talk to him since he left, but it was a short conversation she didn't want to have.

"In that ten minutes, he had to talk to his daughter, talk to his son, and hear from his wife, that someone had stolen his whole career," she said.

The documents can't be replaced and are worthless to anyone else.

"Anytime we move, that's his responsibility," said Jynene Redfield. "To take his previous life with him to the next duty station, which is why it was in the car, because we just moved here."

Her husband was shocked by the news, but must now move on. Because where he is, he can't be worried about what's happening back home.

"He needs to be focused on what he's doing, his mission, and his job there and not worrying about what's gonna happen to his career when he comes back," she said.

Jynene Redfield says she doesn't expect the person or persons who took the bag to come forward, but she asks that they return the documents.

She says they are government property and can be returned to any government agency.