Local Korean War Veterans Express Concerns Over North Korea's Nuclear Test

David Cho
David Cho

(KHNL) - There is an old saying that history repeats itself. Some local Korean War vets simply point to June 25, 1950. The day North Korea invaded the South. Even veterans of the Korean War from Hawaii are speaking out on the nuclear weapon's test.

Beth Hillyer sat down with some of the vets, who share their unique insight.

Soldiers who served in the Korean War know first hand the brutality the North is capable of.

South Korean young men defended their country when the North invaded back in 1950.

Today they live in Hawaii and caution us not to forget the so-called, "forgotten war. "

In the corner of the Likelike Drive Inn, these Korean War vets worry about their native country. They fear for the future following North Korea's first nuclear weapons test.

David Cho, Sung Yang and Sockjing Lee were teens when the war broke out.

Cho remembers, "1950, June 25th, North Korea army invade South Korea."

These Korean War vets lost family and friends as they fought off their communist neighbors in the three-year-long war.

Cho gets choked up, "In my feeling now in my emotion I can't explain my emotion."

And Cho is fearful of North's Korea's intentions. "They have nuclear weapon now North Korea's Kim Jong Il is a mad, mad guy."

Cho makes a frightening prediction. "Soon I think second test come, I think so, second."

All three have something in common; they were awarded medals of Honor for their service in the Korean War. And all three say they would volunteer to help defend the South should North Korea ever invade.