Local Korean Expert Predicts Swift Sanctions

Shiela Smith
Shiela Smith

(KHNL) - News of the explosion reached Hawaii around 4:45pm Sunday.

North Korea announced it performed its first-ever nuclear weapons test.

Regional International Relations Expert Dr. Sheila Smith fears, "This is the redline North Korea should not cross and they crossed it."

Dr. Sheila Smith is a research fellow at the East West Center and an expert in the region. Here's what she expects, "First we need official response from the

U-S government that it happened. There will be information gathered from the regions. From China, Japan and South Korea.

That information will be compared and contrasted using satellite, and radiation tests. A lot of getting the facts."

There are satellite images of the possible underground test site.

Smith explains, "So there is a lot of getting the facts about how big was this explosion, how big was the bomb. There will be a lot of technical information gathering that will be going on. But already the consultation between governments is going on like phone calls from national security advisors and meetings."

Smith expects the U-N Security Council to pass a resolution, then swift punishment, "The question is sanctions will be imposed and these will primarily be economic."

Sanctions could include cutting down on fuel and food supplies. And likely cutting off access to North Korean ports.

The big question is why would North Korea go this far?

Our regional expert says Kim Jong Il uses these demonstrations to up his bargaining power.