Wahiawa Soccer Coach Confesses To Touching Boys

Frederick Rames
Frederick Rames
William Harrison
William Harrison

Oct 7, 2006 08:41 AM

By: Beth Hillyer

(KHNL) - The Wahiawa soccer coach accused of sexually assaulting six kids, admits to police he fondled at least some of them.

65 year-old Frederick Rames was charged with 21 new felonies.

Last month he'd been charged with six.

Until this latest arrest he'd been free on bail, but now he's back in jail with a million dollar bail.

This sex case investigation continues to snowball. Today Rames is charged with sexually abusing four additional boys under the age of 14. And police say he also called them and told him to lie.

After his first arrest he denied assaulting the kids.

But police say Rames now confessed he touched the boys and quote, "taught them how to masturbate."

Police arrested the man known to many as "Coach Fred" at his Wahiawa house Thursday.

According to court documents, police number the new victims from one to four.

Victims one and two claim Coach Fred fondled them. Victim number three told investigators Rames started sexually assaulting him when he was in the first grade and it continued until he was in the fifth grade.

Victim three and victim four both disclosed to police that Coach Fred engaged in oral sex.

Rames' attorney says children often get confused by investigators. William Harrison says, "I assume these are small children and if it is situation where a child is trying to remember this or told to remember an event that happened 3-4 years ago it is real difficult. And I can't at this time put any validity on these charges."

Police also accuse Rames of witness tampering claiming he called all four victims and told them to lie.

According to attorney William Harrison, "This is a small community I'm sure he's gotten calls from folks who say, "we want to support you and help you" and he could have gotten a call from the "victims" in this case and they spoke to him I don't see how that can be tampering."

Last night some soccer moms say they love and support coach Rames. Others say they are uncomfortable about the allegations.

Coach Fred's soccer team has really suffered as most players quit after his arrest.

One mom told us she felt bad because the team had to borrow teammates from other team. It was only her son and two other boys left on the team.