What Makes Our Stories Unique

At KHNL.com our goal is to present an accurate reflection of our on-air news content to our visitors with a high-quality, compelling and visually rich website. Special attention is paid to the written and visual style of our stories. Web stories are a lasting record of our dedication to local news and our island community.

Here's what makes a story on KHNL.com unique:

  • All news packages are written by reporters, other news items are written by producers and internet coordinator.
  • On-air content is re-purposed to web with accuracy - a mirror of the on-air product.
  • Stories are a verbatim transcript of our on-air product with notable exceptions such as "Tonight, you can see how much rain is falling in Manoa"
  • Stories begin with the dateline and HONOLULU (KHNL) for seriousness and immediacy
  • Reporter bylines are at the top of the story to boost our reporter's accountability and visibility
  • Every story has a story body graphic of everyone who speaks in the story, in top-down chronological order. Images of people take precedence over other images.
  • Every story body graphic is captioned with the name of the person or a description or explanation of the image.
  • Every story should have as many story body graphics as possible
  • Story body graphics are flush right for better readability
  • Story summaries are clipped for tease value and followed with an ellipsis...