More Images Makes a Better Resource

At we have a unique opportunity to present local news from the most beautiful place on Earth. This is also our challenge. Hawaii is filled with motion, color, and a diverse population of passionate and unique people. To bring this visual feast to the online visitor we use every tool we have at our disposal.

  • Every story has a story summary graphic without exception. Story summary graphics are always displayed, except in headline lists. Story summary graphics help the story to be recognized by more people.
  • Every story always has a brief summary text presented to entice the visitor.
  • Every story has a story body graphic of everyone who speaks in the story, in top-down chronological order. Images of people take precedence over other images.
  • Every story has as many story body graphics as possible. Inclusion of images is critical in building our online community resource. Clips go away, images stay.
  • Story body graphics are flush right for better readability
  • Every reporter package becomes a video clip which is attached to the text story as a featured video.
  • Related links are assigned every morning to new stories