Youth Soccer Coach Arrested Again

Parsha Smith
Parsha Smith
Olga Galban
Olga Galban

(KHNL) - A Wahiawa soccer coach first accused of sexually assaulting a young player and his foster child was arrested Thursday for a second time.

65-year-old Frederick Rames is a father of four and a foster parent and until all this happened, a coach with the Soccer Association for Youth.

In late September, Honolulu Police charged Rames with 6 counts of third degree sexual assault.

He is accused of sexually assaulting a 7-year-old boy and infecting him with a sexually transmitted disease.

Police arrested Rames on 14 additional counts of third degree sexual assault, 3 counts of first degree sexual assault, and 4 counts of witness tampering on Thursday.

The news has rattled Rames' soccer team.

Practice still went on Thursday night, but there were fewer boys out there.

And some parents say no matter what the outcome is, things will never be the same

The season has just begun and this team barely has enough boys to continue playing.

"The first game for them I felt so bad. They had to borrow teammates from the other team, it was my son and two other boys that's all they had," recalled Parsha Smith, a parent.

Smith watches over her 8 year old son Mikhail.

She says many parents have pulled their kids off the team, after Coach Fred Rames was first arrested less than two weeks ago.

"It was uncomforting I don't know him all that well. I was shocked just to know we were associated with that," said Smith.

But the latest allegations haven't stopped Olga Galban from bringing her grandson Kelly here.

"I let my grandson ride with him and I ask my grandson, nothing goes on, my grandson says," said Galban.

She knows Rames well.

He also coached her two sons, who are now in their late 20's.

Galban said "We support him, even my son says if he needs the support he'll be there, both of my sons."

The allegations continue to divide this team.

Smith says in the end, the children pay the price.

She said, "I feel when you put your trust in someone and you figured your child is taken care. You let them down, some parents decide not let them come."

Galban said of Rames, "He's one good man, he's a good coach and we support him we love him."

Rames has not been charged.

He is in police custody Thursday night at the main Honolulu Police Department cell block.