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Teacher's Union Supports Iwase

Randy Iwase Randy Iwase
Faith Tomoyasu Faith Tomoyasu
Gov. Linda Lingle Gov. Linda Lingle

By: Darren Pai

(KHNL) - After talking to Randy Iwase, unionized public school teachers decided they had their man. He just knew what was happening in the school because he listens," said Faith Tomoyasu, a teacher at Lehua Elementary.

"He walks around, he talks to people, he talked to teachers and teacher told him what was going on in the classroom," she said.

The Hawaii State Teachers Association said it chose to back Iwase's campaign for governor because he's a vocal opponent of the federal no child left behind act.

"He will fight to free Hawaii's public schools from the inflexible, counter-productive federal rules that sets schools up to fail," said Roger Takabayashi, HSTA president.

Gov. Lingle criticized the endorsement, saying the union failed to let its 13,000 members vote on the issue.

"Bottom line it disenfranchised the teachers," Lingle said. "At the very time when they are trying to explain to children why it's important to vote, they are not being given the right to vote."

Iwase dismissed the governor's comments, pointing out three of the unions which endorsed her campaign didn't interview him.

"We're both running for election, Are we going to jump up and down if we don't get every single voter in the state of Hawaii," Iwase said. "Let's get grown up."

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