Strong Odor Makes It Hard To Breathe At Island School

Ewa (KHNL) - It was a frightening day for many young children at a small school Wednesday. Fumes from a nearby car fire sent many of them to the hospital.

It happened late afternoon in Ewa Beach at Our Lady of Perpetual Help.

The problems started when many of the students became sick forcing authorities to rush nearly two dozen children to the hospital.

The Honolulu Fire Department was called out to the school after a van caught on fire.

But while they were there, they were forced to evacuate the school after students started to get sick.

Firefighters then, called in their hazmat unit.

Students complained of stomach aches, watery eyes , and difficulty breathing.

Many students say they smelled something like propane but the fire department could not find the source of the odor.

Twenty-one students and two adults were taken to St. Francis Medical Center West.

The students and adults were treated for propane inhalation at the hospital.

Even though the school was evacuated, nearby homes were not and after school programs at the chapel were held as usual.

As far as who is the owner of the van, we were told it belongs to a parent of one of the students.