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Aloha Spirit Rules The Skies

Brennan Hill & Rebecca Gruwell Brennan Hill & Rebecca Gruwell
CD Lauritsen CD Lauritsen

By: Leland Kim

Honolulu (KHNL) - Just another typical day at Honolulu Airport. Air travelers flocking to Hawai'i for a taste of island paradise. People who just arrived had little to complain about.

"It was good. Great. No problems. Nice movie screen in front of us," said air travelers Brennan Hill & Rebecca Gruwell.

Many travelers rank an airline's on-time record as a top priority.

"It's critical especially if you have to wait around," said Chuck Harlow, who flew in from San Diego. "We got a couple of kids and you don't want to be there longer than you have to."

"It's very important to me just because there's usually people on the other end waiting to pick me up at the airport and I haven't had that problem with Go," said air traveler Meg Murphy.

Go's parent company Mesa Airlines had a 74 percent on-time record in August, 14th best in the nation. But Go says its stats are much better than its parent company's: 95 percent in August.

"We're looking for ways to improve what is going on," said CD Lauritsen, Go's Chief Operating Officer. "We actually go over every maintenance delay and we go over every other delay we possibly can."

Honolulu Airport and its home grown airlines and an upstart continue their reputation for customer satisfaction and aloha spirit.

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