Police Catch Up With Elusive Thief

Michael Rosario
Michael Rosario
Jim Maynard
Jim Maynard

(KHNL) - The owner of Pacific Diversified Fisheries said he was shocked to see one of his employees, Michael Rosario, identified as a suspected bank robber. Maynard was even more shocked to receive an early morning phone call from him.

"I told him he was all over the newspapers. I saw the news reports with the helicopters and the bloodhounds," said Jim Maynard, Rosario's employer.

Maynard says he told rosario to turn himself in but rosario wanted to collect one last paycheck.

"He said he wanted to buy his two young boy a toy," Maynard said. "And then he wanted to see his kids and give them a hug and a kiss and say goodbye."

Honolulu police said that information led to Rosario's arrest.

"It's a matter of getting accurate reliable information and in this case we were able to do that," aid Capt. Frank Fujii, HPD spokesman.

Rosario is suspected of using a floral dress and a black wig to rob the Keeaumoku Street branch of Central Pacific Bank on Sept. 22. However, investigators said he used a number of different disguises during ten robberies over twelve months.

"Identification was made two ways, latent fingerprints taken off notes the bank robber left and also photographic lineups," Fujii said.

Maynard said Rosario admitted to the robberies.

"I asked him what he did with the money and he said he's been paying rents with it," Maynard said. "He's been paying a lot of rents."