Kid Talk

October is "National Communicate With Your Kid" Month.  Now we shouldn't really need a month named in honor of communication to remind us of the importance of actually chatting with our youngsters, but now is as good a time as any to make sure that we, as parents and adults, are doing our part.

Listen more, talk less; cool off before you talk or lecture; listen actively when a child expresses feelings; focus on what they are saying, and not on what your response will be.  These are not difficult ideas, but how often do we, as the all-knowing adults, step in and talk down to our kids, or talk at them?  We really don't have all the answers now, do we?  Be careful with the words you use, because we all know that words can and do hurt.

This month, this week, this day, make a conscious decision to communicate as hormones rage and the young ones in our lives develop.  Your communication efforts today will most assuredly go a long way toward determining what kinds of people we help to develop for tomorrow. Think about it...