Complacency Concerns

A state audit at a local public high school has questioned whether or not that school has strong enough business administration support or the right culture necessary to make changes to raise student achievement levels.  Not a real surprise...since many schools in Hawai'i have enough trouble simply providing books and cool air for students to breathe.

What's sad is that reports like this don't really surprise us or shock us anymore.  We have grown accustomed to and numb to the same old issues, as we have become complacent about our schools, our traffic, our infrastructure, our housing problems, our roads and sewers, our election system, our bureaucratic red tape.  Invariably, this keeps much-needed change from being decided upon and acted upon expeditiously.

Don't rock the boat, don't stand out, don't listen to outsiders, things are complicated, so simply maintain status quo, because it's comfortable, easy, and familiar; like a pair of old shoes.  Well, old shoes develop holes as they atrophy, and invariably they must be fixed or replaced.  Our complacency is leaving us with many holes.  Really fix or change things?  Eh, manana... bumbai.  Yeah, let's just think about it...