Kahuku Football Fever Is A Community Commitment

Reggie Torres
Reggie Torres
Pita Tanuvasa
Pita Tanuvasa
Anthony Siilafa
Anthony Siilafa

By Paul Drewes

(KHNL) - Fall is full of football tradition here in Hawaii, but in one Oahu community, the game has also given people a reason to rally around their small town.

Along with the beautiful blue waters of the pacific and lush greenery of our state. In a quiet corner of Oahu, you will also find...a sea of red.

"Football is a way of life, a tradition. Kids are bred to wear red - that's the motto," says Reggie Torres, Kahuku's head coach.

But it is more than just the kids coming out for the games, practically the entire town shows up for football.

"June to December, football is number one here in the community," says Kahuku resident, Pita Tanuvasa.

"That's all we have out here is football," adds fellow resident, Jay Hix.

The football night lights that attract crowds across the mainland every Friday also burn bright here.

"Friday nights out here are unbelievable! People cancel everything, just to be here for a football game," says Kahuku Tight End, Anthony Siilafa.

Why such a passion for the game? Residents say it all started decades ago, when their team started winning.

After that, it became a tradition and a point of pride for this small community that, many admit, doesn't have much else.

Players grow up watching the games and wanting to play.

And when they do, they know their actions will be watched by their entire community.

"We're not only playing for us - we're playing for them," says Kahuku Running Back, Lehi Aumua.

Kahuku's young athletes are not only playing football, they are also playing the most important game as well - the game of life.

And the lessons they learn here on the field - teamwork, discipline and determination  - are key to a winning future.

"The success of our season is not decided by how we finish this year, but ten years from now when our kids come back as better citizens. When they come back and give back to the community," says coach Torres.

A community that gives their support every friday night.

"Go big red!" shouts a number of young Red Raider football fans.