Bulky Item Dumping Worse In Town

Vince Mokulehua
Vince Mokulehua
Michael Van Dyke
Michael Van Dyke

by Darren Pai

(KHNL) - On certain quiet Kapolei streets, it's almost news when someone leaves a pile of bulky items for pick up.

"Pretty rare that I see bulky items for pick up here, this area," said Kapolei resident Vince Mokulehua.

Residents said most of the people in Kapolei find ways to get rid of their oversized trash by themselves.

"For the most part, everybody takes care of it and takes their dumps to the nearby dump site," Mokulehua said.

In the urban core of Honolulu, it's another story.

"It's getting pretty bad, everywhere I go around the island I see it," said Michael Van Dyke of Moiliili.

"I guess people just want to get rid of it, maybe somebody else could use it," Van Dyke said.

Piles of trash on sidewalks are common in areas like Moiliili which are filled with apartments and condominiums.

City officials said many people move and dump their unwanted items, assuming someone will pick them up.

"Some people get evicted or what have you, they just throw it out," Van Dyke said."They don't really care at that point."

The city said it makes special collection runs when it receives complaints about bulky items piling up.

While more bulky item pick-ups might help, some said people need to be more responsible for their own trash.

"It doesn't look good for Hawaii," Van Dyke said. "You shouldn't see trash on the side of the road, you should see flowers and such."