Credit Union E-Mail Scam

Diane Hakala
Diane Hakala
Dennis Tanimoto
Dennis Tanimoto

This month Diana Hakala received e-mails that have read like this:

"A recent review requires additional info on your account..."

Immediately the red flags went up.

"My first response was identity theft," explained Hakala.

She knows because was a victim herself.

"We went to refinance our home and they came back and said i had perfect credit, but my husband had a few dings," she said.

Someone stole her husband's personal information and used it to apply for credit.

According to Hakala, "ran up $3500 on one account and $2400 on another."

This latest e-scam has the same objective-- to get your personal information and gain access to your accounts.

Dennis Tanimoto heads up Hawaii Credit Union League.

It oversees the 97 credit unions here in the islands.

"The credit union that's targeted for phishing scam-- there will be a rash of e-mails that will be sent out. Few days later different counterfeit website," said Tanimoto.

Bottom line, never give sensitive information over the internet.

Tanimoto explained "it will never ask for your personal information. The credit union has it or shouldn't have it for example your password or pin number, we won't ask for it, because we have no business."

It took two years for the Hakala to clear their credit.

She was lucky.

But she worries others may not be.

"That's what worries me, there's elderly people who may fall for it and their savings is their savings, I'd hate to see them lose it," said Hakala.