Wormy Breakfast Leads to Nationwide Recall

DeLaine Guy
DeLaine Guy
Lance Wong
Lance Wong

MAKIKI (KHNL) - Worm-infested boxes of instant breakfast found in Hawai'i last week have led to a nation-wide recall.

Last week, we brought you a Talk Story segment where a viewer found live worms and bugs crawling in her box of instant grits. And now that story has led to action being taken across the country.

It started just over a week ago, when viewer DeLaine Guy found worms in her morning bowl of grits.

From there, KHNL investigated, and also found worms and bugs in a box of Albers Instant Grits at the Safeway store in Makiki.

Today, Nestle, the parent company, has initiated a voluntary recall. A statement to KHNL reads in part:

"We looked at your report and we were concerned. So we initiated an investigation. We've decided to voluntarily recall all Albers products with a manufacturing code that begins with 6. These products are available primarily in grocery stores on the West Coast."

Today, we caught up with DeLaine Guy, the viewer who brought this to our attention.

"I'm sad and I'm happy at the same time because I just felt like it was my duty to let someone know that there was something in the grits," she said. "This is not right."

She said she felt she had to do something and to let people know.

"I just could not go to bed at night without letting someone know, from the manager of the store to on and on," Guy said. "I just would not stop until somebody heard me to say, 'Get this thing off the shelf.''"

But the Department of Health said eating worms isn't necessarily harmful. In fact, government regulations allow for a small percentage of bugs in certain agricultural products.

"For various foods, there's different acceptable levels of non-hazardous things like insect parts, fly larvae, fly eggs, even things like rodent hair," said Lance Wong, a spokesperson with the Hawai'i Department of Health.

Guy is appalled.

"It's ridiculous they allow that," she said. "You know. Where does it stop?"

Nestle said the recall effort is ongoing and may take a couple of days before all of the recalled Albers Instant Grits