Truck Backs Into Ocean, Sinks

Rachelle Matson
Rachelle Matson

HAWAII KAI (KHNL) -- You can file this in the category of "you just don't see that every day." A truck going in reverse fails to stop and winds up underwater.

A tow truck pulled the pick-up out of the ocean in Hawaii Kai Friday afternoon.

Earlier, a tire marked the spot where the truck was submerged. Honolulu police and DLNR officers rushed to Maunalua Bay, after the pick-up reversed from the parking lot into the water.

Officers say witnesses pulled the female driver from the truck before it went under. The scene drew curious on-lookers.

"I was cruising after school with my dad," Rachelle Matson, onlooker, said.

"And I came and saw that there was a tire, a tire floating. And we thought it was pollution. But we realized that there was a truck under the water."

Officers kept boaters and others away from the sunken pick-up for safety reasons.

Police say the driver was not arrested. They took her to a hospital for observation.

Officers say the truck was about 15 feet down. No word on how much of the pick-up's fluids leaked into the water.