Hawaiian Homestead Eviction

Shelly Keliipuleole
Shelly Keliipuleole

(KHNL) - A family living on Hawaiian Homestead lands spent Thursday night fighting for their rights. The Keli'ipuleole family spent their entire lives living in Palolo Valley. Now, they say they are being illegally evicted.

More than 50 people joined the Keli'ipuleole family in a peaceful protest.  The Keli'ipuleole's are fighting eviction by the Department of Land and Natural Resources. The DLNR is evicting them because their family patriarch reportedly signed the property over to his fourth wife, on his deathbed.

Shelly Keli'ipuleole says, "Because we all were brought up here, born here, raised here, it's just part of your everyday life and it's like cutting off your oxygen.  Asking us to leave is like having no more air."

Now, his former wife, who lives on the mainland, wants the property. The problem is, the land is Hawaiian Homestead and is passed down through generations of Hawaiians.

However, family members say it is impossible that their grandfather signed away the property. They say he was far too sick to have signed anything.

After a couple hours of protest, dozens of police officers arrived at the Keli'ipuleole residents to break up the group.

Despite their arguments, police say the Keli'ipuleole family will be evicted friday.