Hawaii Superferry Set To Launch July 2007

Terry O'Halloran
Terry O'Halloran
Ed Narimasu
Ed Narimasu
Kat Brady
Kat Brady

By : Joann Shin

(KHNL) - The Hawaii Superferry will be cruising to a harbor near you.

"We're offering something that will connect our islands, families, communities in ways that we really haven't had before," said Terry O'Halloran with the Hawaii Superferry.

Thursday night, the company and state transportation officials held a meeting to give residents an update on the ferry.

For some, the arrival of the superferry couldn't come soon enough.

Ed Narimasu supports the ferry and explained, "Because you can get to the islands, take your car with you, for me i'd like to bring my boat over that would really do something."

But others say there are still issues that need to be resolved.

Some critics worry about the impact the ferry will have on the environment.

"The state is going to spend 40 million dollars to improve the harbors, for superferry that's our money and I think we have right protect our island and protect understand impacts are," explained Kat Brady who attended the meeting.

There are also concerns the ferry's arrival will increase traffic around the harbors.

"We've changed our arrival times, on neighbor island ports, so we're not coming in during the real busy traffic times," explained O'Halloran.

But for now-- the date has been set.

Operations are scheduled to launch July 2007.