Officers Raid A Waimanalo Home

Louise Kim McCoy
Louise Kim McCoy

(KHNL) - After several warning and court proceedings more than 50 officers from multiple agencies raided a Waimanalo home this morning.

The raid was a joint effort in support of the department of hawaiian homelands which moved to evict a tenant from its property. Louise Kim McCoy of the Department of public safety says the key to the operation was public safety.

"the officers came out to assist because they weren't sure how many people were in the two homes and they wanted to make sure everything was handled peacefully and respectfully and sensitively".

McCoy also said the raid was no surprise to neighbors, or even those inside the home. Tthe key thing to remember here is that this was no surprise. There were numerous warnings and court proceedings to the family knew that this was coming" said McCoy.

Although it's not known exactly how many people lived in the two homes, officials say both were occupied.

They also say they did their best to accommodate the four generations of family members they were evicting, by allowing them a chance to grab whatever possessions they could before leaving..

Micah Kane with the Department of Hawaiian Home lands acknowledged evictions are a last resort.

But he also says illegal activity will not be allowed on homestead land.

"its never easy or something we take lightly" said Kane, "but it sends a message to those in and around our communities that drug activity will not be tolerated on hawaiian homelands".