Two Drive-by Shootings Leave Business Damaged

Pat Saunders
Pat Saunders

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- Police responded to two drive-by shootings in the heart of Honolulu early Thursday morning. No one was hurt, but the shots left some damage to businesses along South King Street.

Armed with a screwdriver normally used to repair bicycles, Pat Saunders chips away at the glass still clinging to a window frame.

"It was just completely little tiny quarter-inch pieces of glass all over everything 'cause there was nothing left of the door," she said. "It was just totally blown out."

Sheets of plywood cover the spaces where the door and the window once were. The Bike Shop is forced to shut down after a group in a car fired shots from a BB gun.

"We were going to have to be closed just because with that much glass around, it was going to take a while," Saunders, shop manager, said. "It got into helmets. It got into bicycles."

Police say the shooters continued on, opening fire on the Golden Duck restaurant. Fortunately for the diners, the windows at the restaurant are holding up.

While the windows were being shot at, a sharp-eyed witness was taking down the license plate number of the car. Officers were able to pull it over nearby, and arrest three young men on suspicion of felony criminal property damage.

"It's basically a drive-by shooting of a building in the middle of Honolulu," Saunders said. "And you don't expect it."

Two customers head to the Bike Shop to get their tires filled. They hit the brakes when they see the place is closed.

"That was kind of hard," Saunders said. "It's not just the big sales, but it's the people that you see all the time that come in that you hate to turn away."

The manager of the Bike Shop says the repairs are expected to cost thousands of dollars.

The suspects -- ages 19, 20 and 21 -- haven't been charged.