First Dream Dinners Franchise Opens In Hawaii

Kili Garrett
Kili Garrett

(KHNL) - It may be the answer to working families who don't have the time to grocery shop and prepare meals. Now a new small business is making dinner a "dream".

The first Dream Dinners franchise is now open on Halemaumau street in Niu Valley. Owner Kili Garrett explains, "We have the pork roast with cola and lime for you to assemble when you get here. You can start off by grabbing a pan. This is for a large entree which is 6 servings. This is medium sized entree which is 3 servings."

Whether your family is big or small there is a menu for everyone. Dinners include jambalaya, ginger glazed salmon, chicken mirabela and pesto cheese ravioli.

The kitchen is homey and you can make 12 meals in just 2 hours.

Garrett says, "You read the instructions for dinner from top to bottom and assemble your items."

Afterwards you label all you meals and toss them in the freezer.

Garrett mentions, "You have to place cooking instructions for pork roast you just assembled right on top of the lid."

Garrett says these meals can be ready in the time it takes to hit the drive through, "It is wonderful for busy working families who don't always have the time to go to the grocery store and get everything prepped but it's important to them to sit around and have dinner with their family."

And the best part, no dirty dishes.

According to Garrett, "We eliminate menu planning, grocery shopping, prep work and clean-up. Instead of having to do all that mess in your kitchen you will come into our specially equipped store and have it all ready to go here."

The hard part is deciding which meal to heat up.

Garrett says, "I love the chicken enchilada and herb crusted flank steak."

These meals average about three dollars and fifty cents per serving.

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