Consumers Complain But Still Splurge

Tim Thomas
Tim Thomas

(KHNL) - Even with prices dropping, the cost to fill the gas tank leaves many upset.

But comparing apples to oranges, or in this story, gas to coffee, we find many people have no problem splurging.

"I tint it, lava line, tunnel cover and exhaust," said Tony Borja, who calls his 2006 Dodge Ram his "baby."

He's invested $1,500 on accessories and he's just getting started. Borja is now eyeing some rims.

"I think it's going to run about $5,000," said Borja.

But spending thousands of dollars fixing up a car is what experts are calling a waste of money. They say American have a record level of personal debt and it's only getting worse.

Spending $3 a day on premium coffee isn't helping.

"But I just don't really want crappy coffee," said Vincent Johnson.

Some people who splurge on coffee or cigarettes, still complain about gas prices, even though they're dropping.

"Well it's good that it's been going down lately but I believe it's too high," said Tim Thomas, consumer.

Too high? Well consider what you're spending.

Right now the average cost of a gallon of gas in Hawaii is $3.14. A 16-oz. grande latte is nearly $3.50. That means you're basically paying nearly $28 a gallon for a latte. Still think it's worth?

"If you figure out other ways to save, cut down on driving, not going out to dinner or something like that," said Thomas.

Here's a look at other things we spend too much money on, according to America Online: weddings, sports memorabilia, internet impulse buys, gambling, inefficient cars and Christmas shopping.

But people like Borja believe they work hard for their money and should be able to spend it anyway they want.