Election Needs

If an interesting and well-contested primary election held on a Saturday didn't see a big bump in the number of voters locally, you've got to ask yourself, what will it take?  Maybe we need to sell elections like a lottery, since we have no lotteries here.  You show up, you vote, and maybe you can win, so to speak.  At least you get the vicarious thrill of seeing your candidate win, maybe.  Or how about a pog giveaway?  You know, it's been about a decade since the last pog craze locally, so maybe we can give away political pogs when people show up to vote!

Well how about this- we need to stop taking the concept of freedom and democracy and rights so lightly.  We need to stop assuming the systems that we like or don't like will always be in place.  We need to show our belief in the system, even if we think it does need some sort of overhaul.  Voting can affect change.  An apathetic, complacent public promotes atrophy, and that's not good for anyone's sake.

Nice lesson for the kiddies- don't vote, don't care, take it all for granted.  Change that perception now- you still have a chance to vote in November.  The voting registration deadline is October 9.  Please, think about it...