Ewa Beach Residents Fed Up with Illegal Dump

Alan Hanemoto
Alan Hanemoto
Luella Harvell
Luella Harvell

by Leland Kim

EWA BEACH (KHNL) - North Road borders naval housing in Ewa Beach. Along it can be seen a stark contrast between something that is taken care of, and something that some people completely disrespect.

Old tires, car seats, abandoned cars and trash as far as the eye can see.  This isn't the city dump, but a local street.  And people who live around North Road are fed up.

"You get disgusted after a while because you go to bed and it's not there, and in the morning, it's there," said Allen Hanemoto, Ewa Beach resident.

"It reminds me of the ghetto in some of our big cities in the mainland and it's really sad, said Luella Harvell, Ewa Beach resident.

But trash isn't the only problem plaguing this busy street. Neighbors say overgrown trees and bushes make it difficult to maneuver around bicyclists.  It's a stark contrast to the beautifully manicured lawn of a golf course that surround North Road.

The US government owns this road.  Despite signs forbidding dumping, some people obviously don't get the message. As trash builds up, neighbors are getting more and more fed up.

They just want people to take personal responsibility.

"I wish these people would get rid of their own trash," said Hanemoto.

The Navy says that military officers patrol the area on a regular basis. If someone is caught dumping a car, they will be taken in and fined. Navy officials say that many of the cars dumped on North Road are stolen. If a suspect is not in the military, the police department gets involved.