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Kapolei High Students Bullied Online

Al Nagasako Al Nagasako
Brennan Boudreau Brennan Boudreau
John Boudreau John Boudreau

by Paul Drewes

KAPOLEI (KHNL) - Taunts  by teens and challenges to fight are flaring up. But now it's not just happening on the school campus, it's also happening in cyberspace.

And these internet insults may be partially to blame for a post-football fight last friday.

As the Kapolei high football team prepares for its next game, school administrators are preparing to tackle the tough issue of fights following football.

"What happens on the weekends and at extra curricular activities we need to get a better handle on" says Kapolei High School Principal, Al Nagasako.

When a brawl broke out last friday night, Brennen Boudreau says he was caught in the middle and targeted because he was wearing the Kapolei school colors. "They actually swung at me, hit me a couple of times. I bent over and got hit on the back of my head and then I just backed up and ran. I got out of there".

But Brennen was also targeted on-line, with taunts from students at other schools.

"Just because you're from Kapolei, they'll taunt you, make trouble to you" says the Kapolei Junior.

Long before the fight started at the school,many people suspected something was being planned because of all the activity online. "That thing on the internet, Myspace, its causing some rumblings" says Nagasako.

Taunts and warnings are sent out to students of rival schools, fueling the fighting fires days, even weeks before a game. So, in addition to stepped up security at school functions, there is hope tighter control in cyberspace will cut down some of the problems.

"I would like all parents to really watch what all youngsters are doing on the internet" says the Kapolei principal.

Kapolei high school will also have other plans in place for their next home game -- to make sure all the action stays on the football field.

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