Firefighters Save Dog

(KHNL) - Fire destroys a Kaimuki home this afternoon. After making sure all the occupants were safe, firefighters discovered the family dog trapped inside.

Firefighters shoot water on the burning house.

The homeowner, Ronald Saiki escapes and blames a burning candle for the disaster. "One candle, I was going to pray. Not first time lit it, many times."

Rondald Saiki made it out but worried his dogs didn't.

Neighbor John Jin explains "He tried to go back inside and get his dogs. We had to have one of our neighbors carry him out."

This dog Peekaboo survived. But no sign of another one.

Firefighters conduct complete searches for anyone trapped inside. Sometimes they find pets.

Fireman Mike Bunner expalins, "There is a bed in there covered with stuffed animals and the animals had fallen off the bed and the dog was laying right next to stuffed animals So until the smoke cleared we didn't see it but once we saw it grabbed the dog brought it out and started resucitated it brought out almost dead."

Bunner performed rescue breathing for about 15 minutes, "It kept getting better we did me and other firefighters worked on it from the time we brought it out we seen it get better and better."

With some help the soot-covered dog started breathing on it's own.

Saiki cradles the terrified dog and says her name is Kiki. But to Bunner, she is something else. "Lucky, i don't know it's lucky."

Firefighters say it's never safe to go inside a burning structure to look for pets.

Fire officials say they'll go into a fire to search for humans but they can only save animals if the circumstances allow it.