Friends and Family Remember Newspaper Columnist

Bob Krauss
Bob Krauss
Bob Krauss
Bob Krauss
Ginger Krauss, daughter
Ginger Krauss, daughter

(KHNL) - Friends and family members of Bob Krauss bid a final farewell to the beloved newspaper columnist.

He died two weeks ago due to complications from triple bypass heart surgery.

His services were aboard the Falls of Clyde, a ship he helped save in the 1960s with his columns and his own money.

Krauss was best known for entertaining readers of The Honolulu Advertiser for the past 55 years.

"His notes regarding unfinished stories are all over his desk. Little notes about conversations he had about someone who called him or someone he met on the street," said Mike Fisch, publisher.

He was still a full-time employee at the paper when he died. He had no plans of retiring.

"That's what he loved about the job. People coming up to him and saying, oh, you're Bob Krauss, I have a story about ... That's what kept him going," said Ginger Krauss, daughter.

But his loved ones say Krauss was more than just a storyteller, he was also an active father with a great imagination.

"When we were small kids, he turned a ship cart into a jailhouse for us to play with, a ranch cabin," said Buck Mickelsen, son.

At the services, family members and friends also described him as a man who loved to sail and explore. They say he also liked birds and his fern garden on the Big Island. But above all, he enjoyed the city he called home.

"He was all about the people of Honolulu. This city and the people who lived here was what he cared about more than anything," Robert Mickelsen, son.

Some of his ashes were taken out to sea aboard the Hokulea. Some will also be placed in a box and put in the captain's berth on the Falls of Clyde. The rest will be buried in a box in the forest at his Big Island home.

Loved ones believe Krauss' journey isn't over yet. They say he's still traveling, jotting down notes and telling stories, wherever he is.