Postgame Brawls Ruin Kapolei Homecoming

Howard Lechenko
Howard Lechenko

by Stephen Florino

KAPOLEI (KHNL) - A series of fights ruined a homecoming victory for the Kapolei Hurricane football team Friday night.

"We were on the field passing out the leis and stuff for homecoming right, and then all hell broke loose," said Howard Lechenko, a parent who was at the game.

Home video Lechenko took shows a frantic scene. Groups being pulled apart. Parents and children running for cover. And you can hear screams of fear and celebration.

"Kids were running everywhere," said Lechenko. "They were scared."

Witnesses say groups of kids in two separate trucks jumped out and attacked random people at the game.

Police were on hand, but parents say even the officers couldn't control the situation. They say there were just too many kids, too many fights going on all at once.

"The kids don't deserve this," said Lechenko. "The parents gotta realize where their kids are and they gotta take actions for the kids, take account for the kids."

Fights also broke out after Kapolei's homecoming win over Nanakuli last year. Parents say their kids' homecoming celebrations are now ruined. They want kids and their parents to realize this kind of behavior can impact their future.

"Cause one day , they might be working with each other," said Lechenko. "You might marry somebody's sister or anything like that, so they just need to take it easy. Grow up."

Paramedics took one person to the hospital, with minor injuries. Police arrested three people, including two juveniles and one adult.