Candidates Race to Get Votes

Sen. Dan Akaka
Sen. Dan Akaka

(KHNL) - Sen. Dan Akaka spent the day meeting friends, some old, some new.

"I'm thanking them for supporting me in the past and look forward to their support tomorrow," Akaka said.

Our latest poll showed akaka holding a 13 point lead.

"I don't know what it is today, but we're trying to hold the line on that and increase it if we could," Akaka said.

Congressman Ed Case spent the day meeting with voters in central and leeward Oahu.

"We're on a rocket ship, the momentum is there," Case said. "People are making up their minds, we can feel it. I just can't wait to get to tomorrow." Case said he believes he's won over undecided voters within the last few weeks.

"We've had so many people just talking with each other about it," Case said. "I think people are really fixed now on the choice that they have and they're going to make that choice. And i think they're going to choose the future."

Case said its time for voters to think about sending some new blood to Washington D.C.

"I think they understand the need to move on in the Senate," Case said. "I think the issue of transition, the issue of getting on with the future."

Akaka said he remains passionate about representing Hawaii in the Senate and wants to continue doing so as long as he can.

"I feel really good at this point in time," Akaka said. "I'm looking forward to the election tomorrow. The turnout I understand has been