Local Company Develops High Tech Surf Board

Vinree Veedu
Vinree Veedu

HONOLULU (KHNL) - As surfers enjoy the recent ocean swells many of them are walking out of the water with dings, dents and on occasion a broken board.  That "badge of honor" can be painfully expensive and time consuming.  However, a local company is using what's called "Nano Technology" to create a lighter, tougher, more ding resistant board.

Anyone who sees Keanu Kuna walking with his surfboard would think he is just an average surfer on a quest to catch the next epic wave.  He is a surfer, but he is also a civil engineer who is testing out the first ever Nano Surfboard created by scientists and engineers at Oceanit, a Honolulu company.

Kuna said, "For me I am really hard on my equipment canoes surf boards whatever so this is actually the perfect thing for me".

He took the board out on a test ride during the high surf on Oahu's south shore. His goal, is to knock it around as hard as he can.  Meanwhile, Kuna's colleague and "Nano Technology" engineer Vinree Veedu watches him closely from the shore at Magic Island. Veedu helped develop the special lighter stronger resin with Nano Technology.

Veedu said, "It's absolutely a great feeling because if you can bring the technology where it can be applied for a layman and its in a layman use now and you can say that it is lighter stronger and its long lasting there is nothing like it".

"Nano" is the latest to ride the wave in the high tech science industry.  It uses microscopic nano particles that are 80,000 times smaller than the width of a human hair.  It's not visible, but titanium nano particles are inside the resin on Keanu's board.  Those particles make the board lighter and stronger.

"it's a great board. So, I think probably with the resin it just only impacts the durability of the board", Kuna added.

Oceanit is just in the test phase with the Nano Board.  Kuna says as a surfer he would be willing to pay a little extra knowing he can rip on a wave without causing any major damage.

A nobel prize winner along with dozens of scientists and engineers from all over the world are in Honolulu learning about the surf board and all kinds of Nano technology this week at the East West Center for the American Society of Mechanical Engineers International Conference.  Nano technology has many applications including medicine, space technology, the military defense, just about anything you can imagine.  For more information on the Nano Surfboard you can log on to Oceanit's website at: www.oceanit.com