Family Finds Worms In Their Breakfast

DeLaine Guy
DeLaine Guy

(KHNL) - A Honolulu mother and son started their morning breakfast at home with what they thought was a hearty bowl of grits. Instead, they found a worm-infested bowl of Albers Instant Grits.

Delaine Guy routinely starts her day with a warm bowl of grits, "I have to have grits in the morning," says Delaine.

But when cooking grits Thursday morning, she found worms in the pot. Delaine says she screamed and hollered and could not believe what she was seeing.  "It was overwhelming and i've been eating this all my life," Delaine says.

Delaine and her 11-year-old son both got sick and threw up after eating their bowls of grits. Delaine says she bought her box of grits at a local Safeway store.

A Safeway representative says the store has pulled the product off shelves and destroyed the remaining boxes. It will work with manufacturers on identifying the problem. The maker of the grits says it uses top quality control but the problem could of happened anywhere along the supply chain.

Nestle the parent company of the firm that makes the grits says it will investigate to find the source of the contamination.