Police: Convicted Bank Robber Turns Self In For New Heist

Sergeant John Haina
Sergeant John Haina

(KHNL) - He said he would commit another holdup. And now, it appears twice-convicted bank robber Marc Shiroma has made good on that promise.

Sergeant John Haina has seen many folks come through the doors at the Chinatown police station.

"I would say 99-, maybe 98-percent of the people that come in here are claiming that they did something," he said.

But a visitor who approached the counter Wednesday night stuck out.

"It's just the, his demeanor and the way he looked that kind of, we had to actually take him serious," Haina said.

Earlier in the day, a man held up the Chinatown branch of First Hawaiian Bank. Investigators say the robber handed a teller a note that said, "Give me the money."

About nine hours later, police say 38-year-old Marc Shiroma walked into the station.

"We were on our way out, going home from our shift," Haina said. "And a male walked in and wanted to turn himself in."

Shiroma has already been convicted of robbing the main branch of Hawaii National Bank in 2002, and the Chinatown branch of American Savings Bank in 1999. He's currently on federal supervised release.

According to court records, he told a probation officer "he would no longer participate in treatment and that he would commit a new crime, specifically a robbery, if he was not able to return to prison."

"A lot of people turn themselves in to the main station," Haina said. "But we've had a couple people turn themselves in to us over here."

Officers booked Shiroma on suspicion of second-degree robbery. The current case remains under investigation.