Neighbor Complains About Tree Trimmers

Dayna Hu
Dayna Hu

(KHNL) - A woman lives in the country to get away from the noise of the city. But when a tree trimming company moved in she says, it ruins the tranquility.

Pukiki Tree Service provides tree trimming and planting services all over Oahu.

In their Waimanalo base yard they park a fleet of trucks and saw large tree trunks. The company admits it operates a lumber mill here, which is not permitted by the city.

But it doesn't do what neighbor Dayna Hu maintains, "They have some kind of machine that breaks up stuff it just runs, a chipper, then they have trucks that come in drop off fuel twice a week."

According to Hugh Baptiste, "We have four chippers and we don't run them on to the property we run them on the jobs."

Besides the noise, Hu complains about alleged illegal dumping, "The law says no base yards on AG land. Even if they just do that, came in, parked, pick up equipment and left, but it is not what they are doing. They are dumping and they are now dumping on state land."

Not so says Pukiki owner Hugh Baptiste. "The only thing done with wood chips is use them for weed control spread on ground to prevent weeds from coming up it's just ridiculous."

Hu says her tenant has photos and videos of illegal activity.

The company asks, where's the proof? "She has never showed anybody this. Keeps saying she has it. I know she doesn't have it because we have never done it."

Baptiste says his company is a good neighbor and even sent workers to trim trees along Saddle City Road to benefit the community.

Now after all of this, a new development. Baptiste tells us, "Because the Department of Permitting and Planning told us we are not operating in right zoned area we are moving our baseyard."

Exactly the news news Dayna Hu has been waiting to hear.