Stolen Memories: Kaimuki Couple's Wedding Photos Stolen!

Kecia & Garrett Littman
Kecia & Garrett Littman

By Joann Shin

(KHNL) - Moments captured on video show Kecia and Garrett Littman's fairy tale wedding on Saturday.

"We couldn't have asked for a better day. all of our friends and family were there," said Kecia Littman.

You can even see the wedding photographer snapping away.

But the couple may never see the pictures.

The photographer's camera was stolen, along with more a thousand photos taken on the big day.

Garrett Littman said, "Our photographer who got robbed, he got all the money shots right up close and personal."

Flyers are posted all over the North Shore, because the crime happened in the parking lot of Waimea Bay.

The photographer has gone for a quick swim, only to find out that his car was broken into and his items were stolen including the camera with all the wedding photos.

"He said, 'My car got broken into.' I said, 'Oh no!' He said, 'My camera was stolen.' I said, 'Oh no!' and then I thought, Oh my god, the pictures!" recalled Kecia.

The couple says they're grateful they have a few pictures taken by family and friends.

They say the stolen camera is expensive. But the pictures stored in that camera are priceless.

"At least give us the part that doesn't mean a thing to you, but means the world to us," said Garrett.

Now they hope someone will return at least the camera's memory stick which contains their cherished moments.

"Ask any other girl if this happened to them, what would you do? I'm sure they'd be sad," said Kecia.

The couple doesn't have many details to work off of when it comes to the break-in.

They know it happened around 6:00 pm Monday and one of the photographer's credit cards was used at a gas station in Hauula.