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Republican Candidates Face Off For Second Congressional District

Sen. Bob Hogue Sen. Bob Hogue
Quentin Kawananakoa Quentin Kawananakoa

By: Darren Pai

(KHNL) - State Senator Bob Hogue accused his opponent in Saturday's primary election of negative campaigning.

Hogue says Quentin Kawananakoa is trying to mislead voters about his position on Native Hawaiian issues.

Kawananakoa says he's simply stating the facts. A mailer distributed by republican Quentin Kawananakoa says his opponent Bob Hogue is close to activists known to oppose federal recognition of Native Hawaiians.

"My opponent, Mr. Hogue, my colleague, voted yes on the Akaka Bill on the floor of the legislature on the resolution. And now he's surrounded by some very conservative people," said Kawanakoa defending his mailer.

Kawanakoa said he wants to inform voters about Hogue's record on Native Hawaiian issues.

Protecting Native Hawaiian institutions, Hogue says, has always been one of his priorities.

He says he supported the Akaka Bill for that reason, "I have supported that and that has been my position all the way through. So it's unfortunate that there are these distorted mailers that have gone out that has distorted my position."

"If federal recognition results in a change in governance for Hawaiians," Hogue says, "the people of Hawaii should have a say in what happens.  We should have a plebiscite, that is everyone should have an opportunity to vote on it because governance is so very important to all of us."

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