Reminders Of UH Lab School Fire Remain

Peter Estomago
Peter Estomago

(KHNL) - It's been three months since a fire gutted part of the UH Lab School in Manoa.

But reminders of the $6.5 million fire still remain on campus.

Remainders of the multi-purpose room, which burned to the ground, still sit on campus.

Bids will go out soon to find a company to clear the debris.

The fire also displaced some teachers and students.

"It took some time to get used to it," said Jim Bukes, high school athletics director.

He was forced to find a new office. Bukes and another faculty member now squeeze into this former storage room.

"It was a little claustrophobic," he said.

The fire displaced about 10 staff members. It also forced the music, drama and physical education students out of their home.

"The only venue that they have to meet is on the field and in order to teach more effectively or have more accountability with our students. Instead of having the normal 2 teachers with a class of 25, we now have three teachers we've assigned," said Peter Estomago, principal.

He says police suspect the fire was intentionally set, but haven't heard anything else about the incident.

The school's main office has also turned into a temporary storage room. Faculty members are moving supplies into whatever space is available.

School officials hope the debris left by the fire will be removed within a month and they say the portables should arrive by the end of the year.

Staff members, like Bukes, are looking forward to it.

They're ready to move into their new space and excited to create new memories.