On-line Sexual Predator Learns His Punishment

Joseph Colosacco
Joseph Colosacco

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- It's a parent's nightmare, learning your child has been sexually violated. Wednesday, an Oahu judge dropped the hammer on a man who admits he met his young victim on-line.

He's hailed as a community volunteer who was honorably discharged from the Navy.

"All rise," the court clerk announced.

But now, Joseph Colasacco is better known for his dishonorable actions.

"This defendant was sneaky and he was demanding," Jean Ireton, deputy prosecutor, said. "He waged a campaign, so to speak, of control over this victim."

The 31-year-old admits he sexually assaulted a boy he met on MySpace.com.

"Very, very disturbing," the victim's grandfather said. "His adolescence has been stolen from him."

The child's grandfather also has harsh words for the creators of the on-line networking site.

"They left a path of destruction across this country," he said. "They have set up a perfect place for these pedophile predators to prey on the young people."

Colasacco was arrested earlier this year, after the boy's step-father walked in on them.

"Destroyed a lot of things, my wife, my stepson," the victim's stepfather said. "It takes me a whole lot of effort not to jump on this guy right now."

Before he's sentenced on 13 felony charges,

"Mr. Colasacco, I'm interested in anything you have to say," Circuit judge Michael Wilson said.

"I would ask that you give me a second chance," Colasacco said. "Let me prove to the community, prove to the families that I'm not this monster."

The judge denies the defense's request for probation, and sentences Colasacco to 10 years in prison.

"You'll never find me in another chat room ever," Colasacco said.

The defendant was convicted of six counts of sex assault, four counts of promoting pornography for minors, and three counts of electronic enticement of a child.

The parole board will decide how much of the 10 years he must serve before he's eligible for parole.