Butt, No

When you smoke, we all pay the price.  Whether it's through second-hand smoke, damaged furniture and property, or insurance costs rising to cover the slow, downward spiral of health that smoking invariably causes, we all pay in some way.

But another way we pay is the blight on our land- the ridiculous habit of tossing your butts out the window and on the beach, like the world is your ashtray.  Yes, you have the right to smoke, that is a legal privilege.  But you have no right to dump your leftovers on the ground, anytime, anywhere.  If you must smoke, how about carrying around an empty can to dump your butts in, maybe even a few ashes, too.  Of course, then you can't recycle your cans- more problems.

Bottom line, if you can't or won't give up smoking, try to remember how unsightly it is when trash piles up or people throw their unwanted leftovers behind.  Have the decency to figure out a way to snuff you butts without littering the landscape, Smokey.  Thanks.  Think about it...