Election Volunteers Answer the Call

Judy Gold
Judy Gold
Rick Scimone
Rick Scimone

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Even before the counting of the votes, state workers were worried about the number of people manning the polls.

The office of elections was counting on more volunteers than it had, but with just days to go to the primary, its a different story.

There is already an election crowd.

Line of people.

Not to vote, instead to volunteer to help on Saturday.

"We've been overwhelmed with the response to help. Tonight is our final night of training before the primary election," said Judy Gold with the State Office of Elections.

Why have hundreds turned out at the state capitol, for the second straight night, to help at the polls?

"I'm free and I'm interested in how the process works and see if I can help out any way I can," said Haleiwa Resident, James Connell.

"Growing up my mother worked at the polls and I went to polls with her and watched what she did, so when I saw the ad in the paper, I made the call," added Kaimuki Resident, Rick Scimone.

For the hundreds of other workers who also made the call, at a final training session, they got a hands on lesson in assisting voters.

And some, for the first time, found out about the hard work it takes to put on an election.

Helpful volunteers also have some tips to make things go smoothly on Saturday.

"Make sure voters know where they need to go vote - that's very important to be at the right poll."

"Bring your ID, you're picture ID."

And when it comes to casting your ballot, the most important thing is...

"Know who to vote for, some voters come in and ask 'who should I vote for?'"