Democratic Gubernatorial Candidates Optimistic

William Aila
William Aila
Randy Iwase
Randy Iwase

by Darren Pai

(KHNL) - He left the state Senate six years ago, now Randy Iwase says there's a reason he wants to get back into politics.

"To replace an incumbent that is more interested in the 30 second soundbite than in the lives of people," Iwase said.

A Kaimuki High graduate, Iwase launched his campaign at his alma mater, saying he values the lessons he learned in his old neighborhood.

"When you grow up in that area, it's a working class district," Iwase said. "All of us were working class. There's no such thing as some high mucky-muck house some place."

As a state harbor master, William Aila says his job is all about solving problems.

"I saw that the problems of the state of Hawaii weren't being fixed," Aila said. "Thirty years ago they were talking about affordable housing, affordable rentals, traffic."

Some state harbors are in better condition than others. Aila said the same is true of Hawaii's people, because he believes not everyone is benefiting from a strong economy.

"This is a microcosm of Hawaii right now," Aila said. "Living in Hawaii should not be only for those who can afford the million dollar homes."

Aila says he's not intimidated by Iwase's record in government.

"My response to that is, if you've had all that time, how come the problems are still there," Aila said.

Iwase said he's focused on his campaign and putting a Democrat back in the governor's office.

"It is not a hopeless cause, if the Democrats come together, Democrats united, we can win this election," Iwase said. "And we can win this election going away."