Illegal Waipio Dump Threatens Environment

Caroll Cox
Caroll Cox

by Stephanie Lum

WAIPIO, Oahu (KHNL) - Oahu's most famous environmental watchdog has discovered another illegal dump.

Caroll Cox showed us what he found Tuesday morning just off the Ka Uka Boulevard freeway off-ramp in Waipio.

Covered by bushes, near Ka Uka boulevard, there are piles of used tires, old batteries, leaking barrels and dozens of computer parts.

It's an upsetting sight, and Cox says, an environmental hazard.

"The monitors and plastic around them have a fire retardant that's of concern so imagine this breaking down into the environment and leaching out and there's lead in the monitors," says Cox.

He doesn't know who dumped all of this junk, but he found stickers on the the computers.

"It reads United States Marine Corp, unclassified," says Cox reading one of the labels.

"That shows a one time, these belonged to the military. When they were given to the public or how they were given to the public, or it they were given to the public we can't say."

The State Department of Health is aware of the illegal dump site, but doesn't know who's responsible. It's investigating.

The illegal dump site sits on land owned by Castle and Cooke.

According to Castle and Cooke  Doug Carlson the company just learned about the dumping Tuesday. It is cooperating with Department of Health to ensure that the environmental concerns are taken care of. It is also working with the Department of Defense to determine who dumped them in the first place.