Crews Recover Grounded Boat

Ward Graeslle
Ward Graeslle
Glenn Miyasaki
Glenn Miyasaki

by Kristine Uyeno

HONOLULU (KHNL) - It's not something you see everyday. Crews towing a boat, stuck on a reef, to shore. It'd been sitting in waters off Ala Moana Beach since Friday night, when it ran into the reef.

About a dozen people worked to rescue the grounded vessel.

The process started Tuesday morning, when a tow truck company began hooking up cables and a rope to the boat. Then they waited for Mother Nature to help.

"As the tide comes in, they'll pivot the boat around, get the bough facing in towards us and then they'll slowly drag it towards that shallow section. They'll have float bags rigged because there's a hole in it," said Ward Graessle, marine surveyor.

Officials say bringing the 20,000-lb. vessel in this way was more logical than towing it farther out to sea.

"The reason why we chose to do this, it's pretty much a wreck removal. There's a lot less environmental reef damage dragging it across 30 feet in shore, then moving it 200 feet offshore which is how far we'd have to go to get back into deep water," said Graessle.

People hung out at the beach for hours, watching every step of the boat removal.

"I wanted to send some pictures to my friend on the Mainland," said Glenn Miyasaki.

It took hours to get it on shore. But it's not over yet. The vessel will sit on shore until Wednesday afternoon. That's when a crane will lift it from the beach. It will be taken to the boatyard and an insurance company will decide whether to fix it.

The boat is insured for $50,000. The insurance company is paying for its removal.