Group Wants to Stop Go!

Joe Bock
Joe Bock
Jonathan Ornstein
Jonathan Ornstein
Honolulu International Airport
Honolulu International Airport

by Kristine Uyeno

HONOLULU (KHNL) - It's becoming the not-so-friendly skies over Hawaii.

"Don't fly go" is the encouragement from a group of employees from other airlines competing with the upstart carrier for interisland business.

The group is made up of employees from Island Air, Aloha and Hawaiian Airlines.

They're asking people to support them, by not flying Go!

The group is called H.E.R.O which stands for Hawaii's airline Employees Repelling Ornstein. Jonathan Ornstein serves as the CEO of Go!

"I don't think he takes it personally. I think he sees it as a reaction to our entry into the marketplace," said Joe Bock, chief marketing officer of Go!

Go! officials are well aware of this new group and their website,

"You know maybe they feel they need to take action on their own and if that makes them feel better, by all means," said Bock.

Representatives from H.E.R.O. were unavailable for comment but in a news release they say they're "trying to expose predatory tactics and misleading statements employed by executives of Mesa/Go! and their CEO."

It goes on to say, "the only logical reason for Go! to undercut its own costs is to make one or more of the other carriers bleed to death."

"You know we have employees of our own. We have several hundred Hawaiian employees that we're providing salaries and jobs for as well," said Bock.

Officials from Go! hope employees from the other airlines don't feel threatened by them. They say there's enough room in the local airlines industry for everyone.