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Absentee Voting Turnout Strong

Lolly Griffin Lolly Griffin
Laura Andrews Laura Andrews

by Darren Pai

(KHNL) Most of the voters who made their way to City Hall Monday give the same reason they want to vote early.

"I wanted to avoid the long lines because I heard they're pretty bad on election day so I figured I'd come down here get it done easy," said voter Lolly Griffin.

Absentee walk-in voting continues through Thursday. Some voters told us they're happy to get it over with.

"Saved our Saturday, avoid long lines," said voter Laura Andrews. "It was more convenient."

While turnout for absentee walk-in voting remains strong, the City Clerk's office said the number of mail-in votes it received was much higher than previous years. So far, 60,000 mail-in votes have been collected. That compares to 47,000 in 2004.

"Well i'm an american I think especially this time it's more important," Griffin said. "People say every election it's more important than the next, but this one is so important. Our country has so many problems and we need to vote the right people into office."

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