M.O.M.S. Club Offers Support

(KHNL) - More and more Hawaii mothers are making the decision to give up work and stay at home with the kids. But staying home can sometimes be draining and even lonely. The M.O.M.S. Club, which stands for Moms Offering Moms Support, is offering non-working moms of leeward Oahu some help.

"It has given me amazing confidence in my parenting providing me with friends and different things to do and it kind of made me realize that I have the same kind of challenges that everyone else does," Michelle Kemp said. "as a stay at home mom especially at home you feel so isolated and you can only watch so much barney and sesame street and get no interaction during the day that you just start to get a little stir crazy it's a great thing to do I love it."

It's not just a once a month or once a week thing, they have something going on every day of the week.

"We do everything from like moms night out to specialty clubs there is strollercize there are field trips," Kemp said.

There are MOMS clubs all over the world. It started on Oahu with just a handful of moms, now there are six chapters on the island.

"It's all volunteer. We are a non profit organization and we do service projects," Jo Ellen Windsor, Leeward MOMS President said.

With moms offering support every single day of the week, Kemp can't imagine her life without the club. Membership is only $25.