Akaka Ahead In Polls, Case Says He'll Come Back

Senator Daniel Akaka
Senator Daniel Akaka
Representative Ed Case
Representative Ed Case
Steve Timberlake, voter
Steve Timberlake, voter

(KHNL) - Both Sen. Daniel Akaka and Rep. Ed Case say they're leery of poll results on their race for the U.S. Senate.

A KHNL Honolulu Advertiser poll of more than 600 voters had Akaka with 51%, and Case with 38%. The remaining 11% was undecided or did not want to disclose their choice.

"I am pleased that we're ahead, but I know, from past experience, that it can change," said Akaka.

Case says he's been in this position before, and is confident he can make up the difference. And since this is the last week before the primary, he's shifting his campaign into high gear.

"This is warp speed at this point," said Case. "This is not full speed anymore. This is just grassroots all the way."

Case sees the poll a lot tighter.

"A lot of people are not saying what they think," he said. "People are gonna walk into that voting booth, in the privacy of the voting booth and exercise their right to the secret ballot."

That's why Akaka is also preparing for a big final push to the primary.

"We're gonna increase our activities to the day of the vote," said Akaka.

"I don't like where the country is going and I don't think Ed Case would do much to stop it," said Steve Timberlake, a longtime democrat and one of the voters polled.

Arno Bann was one of the undecided voters. But he says he won't be voting for either candidate.

"I don't think so," said Bann. "Unless they can come out and say we be honest."

"Anything can change, but I don't know," said Timberlake. "I don't know what they can do at this stage."

But you don't need a poll to find that both candidates are going to try and find out.

Both candidates said this campaign has been a tough one.

In the final week, Akaka said he'll increase his television and radio ads, and rallies. Case says his final push will be more of a grassroots effort.