Viewers Comment on the Arrest of "Dog" Chapman

I can't believe that our government chooses to arrest in such a violent manner someone who brought to justice a convicted rapist. In reality, he did the job that they couldn't or wouldn't do. With all the problems we have with illegal aliens coming from Mexico, with the blessings of the Mexican government, I can't believe the United States sides with Mexico. - Arlene

The United States through their prosecution of Mr. Luster condoned the means by which the Dog brought Luster to justice. Now for the US to sit back and allow Mexico to carry out those warrants is a disgrace but not a surprise. If Mexico is so concerned with people who allegedly commit crimes in their country facing the charges, then the US should pack up the Mexican illegals who commited rapes and murders in Mexico but fled to the US and send them back. If the US government doesn't stop Mexico with the extradition of Dog and his group, then thatsends a message to every criminal who commits their acts in the US - go across the border to Mexico. It is a sad commentary on justice! - Anne

I think the way the US has handled this situation is absurd and disgusting. I believe that they have sent a message to criminals and I am embarrassed by my government's behavior. - Kimberly

I understand that when you travel to a different country that you need to be aware of their laws. What I don't understand is criminally charging someone on the basis of getting a rapist off the streets. That is just morally wrong. I'm sure the females that were raped by Luster feel the same way. My thoughts and prayers will be with the Chapman family. Hopefully this will all be over soon! - Ellen

Being a retired homicide detective, I know that as soon as a Mexican national commits a homicide in the USA the race is on for him to flee to Mexico. Mexico does not extradite their citizens in these cases to the USA because of our death penalty laws. Why should we co-operate with Mexico when they hide murder suspects in their nation. Let the Dog stay until Mexico reaches an extradition agreement with the USA that will return hundreds of murder suspects back to the USA for justice. - John

I don't always agree with the way the "Dog" handles his bounty busts but when he went to Mexico and captured Andrew Luster he did women, Mexico, the FBI, and the USA a huge service. He did what our at times inept governmental agencies could not or would not do. To arrest him was bad enough. But to extradite him him and his the family help is just despicable. It would be comparable to treason. It reminds me of the bumbling "by the book" FBI idiots that are constantly depicted derogatorily in the movies. - Gary

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